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Do you know where you can buy the heavy pens? Our page. Yes, you are hearing me right. Our page has many featured heavy pens.

They writes smoothly, dries quickly and won’t bleed or skip. They will promise you a perfect writing experience.

Don’t hesitate. Hurry on.

Best Heavy Pens Ever

Zebra F-701 Stainless Steel Ballpoint Retractable Pen, Black Ink, Fine Point, PK - ZEB29411

F 701 Retractable Ballpoint Pen is made of professional grade stainless steel from tip to clip. Designed to prevent corrosion. Easy to hold knurled metal grip provides writing stability.

Consumer Reports
  • “I love the heavy, solid feel of its steel barrel.” – Rodney E. Fisk
  • “When writing, the ink flows smoothly, and has good coverage.” – L. OQUIN
  • “Love these pens, great construction and feel nice in the hand with the knurled grip.” – Christopher C. Pomeroy

Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Roller Ball Pen, Fine Point, Charcoal Metallic Barrel, Black Ink (31154)

Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Roller Pens let you enjoy the same writing perfection you know from America’s #1 selling Gel Ink Pen (G2) in a new sophisticated metallic body with metal clip for rich detail.

Consumer Reports
  • “It writes nice and smooth and feels weighty and comfortable in your hand.” – VideoMan
  • “I absolutely love the Pilot G2 Limited Retractable Gel Ink Rolling Ball Pen!” – Paul S. Denny
  • “I have this pen in every color and I will continue to buy more.” – SkyEagleAndrew

X450 Kurve Vanilla Fountain Pen by Bulow®

This fountain pen features a deep vanilla cream color and notable sunken twist design. Hand constructed and hand polished to perfection, this pen is compatible with both ink cartridges and ink bottles right out of the box.

Consumer Reports
  • “Very nice pen, writes well and looks great.” – coffee for days
  • “This pen writes well, it has weighted feel in your hand and the design is great.” – Sakira Del Rosario
  • “Would recommend to anyone wanting a good fountain pen that doesn’t cost an arm and leg.” – S. Lowry

Cross Classic Century, Classic Black, Ballpoint Pen with 23 Karat Gold Plated Appointments (2502)

Versatile ballpoint pen accommodates a wide variety of uses. Features satin black epoxy finish and detailed with 23 karat gold-plated appointments..

Consumer Reports
  • “Cross pens are sleek, attractive, slim, and have the “classic” look I prefer.”" – Harvey A. Collins
  • “I have owned Cross pens before and they are always the best writing utensils I have ever used.” – L. M. Lucatino
  • “It is a beautiful pen that I highly recommend for a birthday or graduation present.” – Grandma Hernandez

Sheaffer Skrip Bottled Ink, 50 ml., Blue (SHF94221)

Sheaffer Skrip Bottled Ink, 50 ml.

Consumer Reports
  • “Like most blue inks for fountain pens, this ink dries to a lighter hue and shade than most blue inks for ballpoint, rollerball and gel pens.” – S. Blackwelder
  • “I’ve used Sheaffer Skrip for almost 30 years now, and prefer it to Parker Quink, Montblanc and many of the more expensive inks.” – John Anderson
  • “This is a nice blue color.” – Linus Peter Sweers

Pilot Axiom Collection Retractable Ball Point Pen, Cherry Red Barrel, Blue Ink, Medium Point (90062)

The Axiom Collection by Pilot is available as a retractable ball point pen with a distinguished flair. With its balanced metal barrel, traction dimples and contemporary design, the Axiom offers both style and writing comfort.

Consumer Reports
  • “One of the nicest pens I have used!” – Fiddlerat
  • “Sleek and shiny, this is a nice hefty pen.” – Penacious H
  • “It isn’t extremely heavy, but weighs just enough not to feel like a plastic pen.” – A Customer

Sanford Parker IM Royal Blue Roller Ball Pen (1737246)

The Parker IM Pen Appeals To Individuals Seeking A High-Quality Writing Instrument At An Attractive Price. The Rollerball Writing System Utilizes A Sophisticated Feed And Collector System To Carefully Regulate The Flow Of Ink To The Writing Point, Which Aloows The User To Write With The Slightest Touch.

Consumer Reports
  • “All in all, this is an excellent value as personal writing instrument for self or that special someone who appreciates a good writing instrument.” – M. Justice
  • “It feels heavy on the hand (which I like) and has an expensive look.” – Jose Torres
  • “It is heavy and solid, but the barrel tends to unscrew itself open with use.” – Gerardo Hernandez

Pilot Knight Collection Ball Point Pen, Burgundy Barrel, Black Ink, Medium Point (65202)

From a culture that has revered the art of writing for more than a thousand years comes instruments that celebrate both writing and art. The Knight Collection from Pilot is reminiscent of old-world style and appeal while featuring a sleek, contemporary aesthetic.

ZHIGAO 5096 V11.0 Non Slip Coated 21cm Spinning Pen (Angle Knight) Champion

Packaging: One spinning pen in package (random color)

This is a real pen.
Pen spinning (also known as contact juggling, pen twirling, pen mawashi and pen tricks) is a form of object manipulation that involves the deft manipulation of a writing instrument with one’s hands.

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